Winamp Skins

Fun to make, but a pain in the butt to get down pat. Prettify your desktop with something shiny~

All skins were made to my preferences - generally a lot of the buttons are hidden, and usually they come with two versions of the equalizer - a non-functioning (blank image) and a functional (has all those spiffy little bars). More often than not AVS & Minibrowser are also skinned.

I make my skins to work with Winamp 2.91, but they will work in the newest Winamp provided you have the 'full' version (with classic skin support).


Installing skins is simple. Download the .zip, then put it in C:\\Program Files\Winamp\Skins (or wherever your Winamp is installed). Open Winamp, right click pretty much anywhere and go to 'Skins', and select the skin you just installed. You do not need to unzip.

Newest skins found at the top.

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Use the menu to the right to browse skins by series/subject. There are five skins per page, per subject, and they are shown with the newest skin for any particular series/subject at the top.