Terms of Usage

Though really I’d call it ‘common courtesy’.

  1. Credit me for my work, please. It’s only polite, and as simple as a link back to this site. If you happen to be using my icons/layouts on Livejournal, credit the user mikage or the community lockwizmeeee, as most of what’s here can be found there as well. In the case of WordPress themes and website layouts, the credit(s) is/are already there. Please do not remove them.
  2. Do not redistribute or republish any of my work elsewhere without my permission; including, but not limited to other websites, livejournal/deadjournal/other LJ clones, or forums. It’s as simple as asking, and I just may let you if you contact and ask nicely.
  3. Please do not edit any of my graphics. Textless icons are not bases, and should not be treated as such. You are, however, free to use icon bases, patterns and textures in making your own graphics.
  4. Do not hotlink any of my files. Not only is it rude, it’s stealing the bandwidth I pay for.

If you can agree to these simple terms, go ahead and poke around 🙂