If you own a graphics/resources site and would like to affiliate with LOOP&loop, please feel free to fill out the form following this short but simple set of rules/guidelines.

  1. Your site must be an actual website (no LJ/etc communities)
  2. My link must be on every page of your website (and likewise yours would be on mine)
  3. Considering my own website is more of an archive than anything, I’m not particularly picky on how often you update, so long as your site doesn’t look obviously abandoned.
  4. I don’t care how many unique hits a day you get or whatever; the whole point of affiliation is to direct traffic to each other. As long as you have some good, quality content, all is good.
  5. I’d like to get to know my affiliates on a more personal, friendly level, as opposed to just another link on a page. While not necessarily a rule, I would like to chat with you on occasion (particularly if we have other common interests ;))

If you can agree to these, by all means have at the form 🙂