New stuff

December 8th, 2012 by Nori

Finally added new stuff! There are 5 new texture packs, 1 new png (Yoshizawa Ryou), and 10 new div layouts (Tenipuri, Koi ni Nattara, RH Plus, Kamen Rider Den-o, Final Fantasy IV, Matsuzaka Toori, KENN, Shiozawa Hidemasa). Everything can be found in their respective sections!


To clear up sidebar clutter, I’ve moved all series for which there is only one layout into a “miscellaneous” page. I’ve only done this if I only ever made, or plan on making one layout for that subject. So, for instance, there’s still a Weiss Kreuz page because I have more to recode and add eventually.

So many icons

June 6th, 2012 by Nori

Added 124 new icons!

+ K.O.3an Guo/Zhong Ji San Guo – Diao Chan (Kirsten Ren) x1, Guan Yu (Hu Yu Wei) x1, Zhang Fei (Lin Bo Yan) x2, Huang Zhong (Luo Hong Zheng) x38, Ma Chao (Li Shao Xiang) x30, Huang Zhong/Ma Chao (Luo Hong Zheng/Li Shao Xiang) x52

Icon spree sob.

May 6th, 2012 by Nori

+ 17 Ookawa Genki
+ 73 X-Family/Zhong Ji Yi Jia (a Chord (Xie He Xian) x12, a Chord/Xiu (Xie He Xian/Chen De Xiu) x2, Jiu Wu [Meng Zhu] (Aaron Yan) x16, Xia Mei (Sunnie Huang) x2, Xia Tian (Jiro Wang) x23, Xia Yu (Danson Tang) x15, Xiu (Chen De Xiu) x3)